HTML tags are visible for inline notes

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asked Feb 21, 2014 in Bug by anonymous
In this example I can still see <pre> tags although style is correct (monospace).
:Main Admin: as Admin
(Use the application ) as (Use)
User -> (Start)
User --> (Use)
Admin ---> (Use)
note right of Admin : This is an example .
note right of (Use)
A note can also
be on several lines
end note
note "<pre>This note is connected \nto several objects.</pre>" as N2
(Start) .. N2
N2 .. (Use)
Is there any alternative way to accomplish this without tags shown ?  I need to connect note to many objects.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 25 by Anthony-Gaudino (7,790 points)

PlantUML doesn't really accepts HTML tags, but similar tags and <pre> is not a valid tag.

Please see for available tags.