Qualified associations

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asked Feb 28, 2013 in Wanted features by anonymous

Did you plan to add support for qualified associations (for class diagrams) to PlantUML ? It's a UML notation i'm using quite often (mainly for teaching purposes) and it would be handy to have it in PlantUML.
Anyway, thanks for this nice software.

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answered Oct 30, 2017 by Erik 1 flag
After four years, did you plan to add support for qualified associations ?

Your software is great, I use it to make my software engineering course.

With qualified associations it will be perfect ^^.


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answered Oct 30, 2017 by Serge Wenger Work (10,110 points)

You can use this sample:

class Dummy {
class Student {
Dummy "*" - "*" Student
'chapter 3.2
Student "0..*" - "1..*" Course
(Student , Course) .. Enrollment
'Chapter 3.22
class Enrollment {

Hope this helps

commented Apr 4, 2018 by Angeleen
Nope, This is not help. This sample generate an associative class called Enrollment, not a qualified association as asked.
commented Apr 4, 2018 by Xavier Sautejeau (140 points)
A common use for qualified associations  is to model maps.

This notation is much more readable than class association.

Supporting this would be very nice !
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answered Apr 20, 2018 by pbackx (150 points)

I know this is a very old request. Still, it would be nice to have this smiley I can imagine it's difficult to integrate in the grammar.

You could use some kind of workaround for now:

Class01 "[key]" -- "1" Class02