The deprecated BlueModern skin cannot be replicated exactly using skinparam directives

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asked Oct 9, 2015 in Bug by anonymous

There is some inconsistency in the control of style properties via skinparam parameteres. One consequence is that there seems to be no way to replicate the look and feel of the deprecated BlueModern skin using skinparam.

Consider this example:

loop forever

A -> B: ping

B -> A: pong


The skinparam "SequenceGroupHeaderFontColor" apparently controls both the color of "loop" and "forever" in the above example. There seems to be no way to give the two elements different colors.

Compare this with the situation with "SequenceGroupHeaderFontStyle" and "SequenceGroupFontStyle": the two properties separately controls the font styles of "loop" and "forever".

Also, while the background color of the loop box header (i.e. that of "loop") can be controlled using the "SequenceGroupBackgroundColor" property, the main portion of the loop box is not affected by the setting of the property. It seems that the only way to change the background color of the main portion of a loop box is by using "BackgroundColor", but sets the background color of everything else as well!

Please fix the inconsistency. Many thanks!

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answered Oct 14, 2015 by plantuml (160,740 points)


Thanks for the feedback, and sorry about all thoses inconsistencies.
Since PlantUML syntax has been built incrementally, the syntax is not always very coherent/consistent.
(So do not hesitate to give other feedbacks if you find other issues.)

Anyway, here is a new beta:
It supports the following example:

skinparam SequenceGroupHeaderFontColor red
skinparam SequenceGroupFontColor green
skinparam SequenceGroupBodyBackgroundColor yellow
loop forever
    A -> B: ping
    B -> A: pong

Is this what you are expecting ?

Thanks again!

commented Oct 19, 2015 by anonymous
Thanks for the reply. I downloaded your beta, but cannot try it right now. Will provide feedback after I try it.
commented Oct 23, 2015 by anonymous
I just tested your beta. I was able to match most aspects of the old BlueModern skin. One thing I still cannot replicate is to use continuous lines for lifelines (as is done in BlueModern). Is there a skinparam for that? Thanks.
commented Nov 1, 2015 by plantuml (160,740 points)
Actually, you can use the following command:

skinparam lifelineStrategy solid

It's not documented, but it is already working.