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Is there a way to draw a frame around a sequence diagram, like it is shown in the current uml specification on page 566 (section

The notation for an Interaction in a Sequence Diagram is a solid-outline rectangle. A pentagon in the upper left corner of
the rectangle contains ‘sd’ followed by the Interaction name and parameters. The notation within this rectangular frame
comes in several forms: Sequence Diagrams, Communication Diagrams, Interaction Overview Diagrams, and Timing

A simple group does not achieve the required result, because the instances are not included in the rectangle.

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This would be fantastic, especially that we could get interaction overview diagrams in PlantUML.

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answered Nov 23 by s_lyhne (180 points)
Yes, please implement this!
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answered Nov 23 by plantuml (188,240 points)

Thanks for the suggestion!

With last beta you can now have:


mainframe This is a frame

participant alpha
participant beta

alpha -> beta: a1
beta <- alpha: a2

beta -> alpha: b1
alpha <- beta: b2

It this what you are looking for ?