Page splitting with overlap

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asked Oct 20, 2016 in To be sorted by anonymous

I would like to split a diagram into multiple pages by the 'page 4x4' command for printing them on an A4 printer. Is it possible to define overlap values for with and height so that is easier to glue the separate pages together. For instance an overlap of 1cm would ease the glueing considerably.

If this is currently not possible then it would be cool feature to have.

I did already tried to generate a large png file and split it with PosteRazor, but that does not work for really huge png images.



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answered Oct 28, 2016 by plantuml (164,580 points)

Good idea!

With last beta

You can have:

page 2x2
skinparam pageMargin 5
skinparam pageExternalColor gray
skinparam pageBorderColor black

This has not been highly tested, so tell us if it does not work for you.

Thanks for the suggestion.