How to use "as" in the new activity syntax? How to have multiple input/output arrows?

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In the old syntax, I have


(*) --> "My Org-mode commit"
--> "Discuss on Org mailing list"
if "Bug fix commit?" then
  -->[yes] "Commit in org 'maint'" as maint
  ->[no] if "'maint' compatible doc fix commit?" then
    -->[yes] maint
    ->[no] "Commit in org 'master'" as master
maint --> "Merge to org 'master'"
  --> master
maint --> "Wait till next Monday"
  --> "Push on Elpas" as push
maint --> "Short maturity time"
  --> "Cut a minor release" as minor_release
minor_release --> ===RELEASE===
minor_release --> master
master --> "**Long maturity time**"
  --> "Cut a major release" as major_release
major_release --> ===RELEASE===
major_release --> "Merge to org 'maint'"
  --> maint
===RELEASE=== --> push
===RELEASE=== --> "Sync with emacs master"
  --> (*)
push --> (*)
But I cannot find a way to do the same using the new Activity syntax.
Here is the resultant diagram:
Also, I cannot figure out how to make feedback loops as the "as" syntax is not there (or not that I know of) in the new syntax.

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answered Jul 3, 2017 by NeVraX (290 points)
I have the same problem : there are 2 split + merge syntax (FORK & SPLIT) but no simple merge (or goto).

Thank you for the wonderful work already done :)