Can't seem to pass multiline text to preprocessor macro

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asked Jun 30, 2017 in Bug by rd27 (530 points)

Plantuml doesn't seem to accept multiline text as macro arguments. So in the following text the last TestFolder line causes an error. Is theer a trick I am missing? Thanks!

!definelong TestFolder(TEXT)
folder test2 [


1 Answer

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answered Jan 26 by Anthony-Gaudino (7,760 points)

You can't have line breaks like this on the macros.

You may use something like this instead:

!definelong TestFolder(name, TEXT)
folder name [

TestFolder(a, "testtext")
TestFolder(b, "test\ntext")
commented Jul 6 by Kai
Also it is possible to use the Macro Variable in Quotes "TEXT", which protect agains some more Issues