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asked Jul 14, 2017 in Bug by anonymous


I'm using PlantUML on a Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with OpenJDK 1.8.0_131 (64 bit). PlantUML is the latest version. I call it like this:

java -jar plantuml.jar -tsvg -charset UTF-8 -o "/tmp" "/tmp/sample.uml"

I've uploaded sample.uml here. The CPU is an Intel Xeon L5520 (2 cores used, 2270 MHz). The machine has 4 GB of memory.

The call that I've posted above needs 17 seconds and uses both cores at 100%.

Is this considered normal performance or is there a problem?


For me it definitely is a problem, because the machine (a web server) hangs while PlantUML renders an image. On the same hardware with Ubuntu 14.04 and a much older version (probably from 2014) of PlantUML there have been no performance problems. But it might be that caching mechanisms have been better so that PlantUML has been called much less often - I can't verify this anymore as neither the machine nor the code around PlantUML still exist.

So is the performance of PlantUML fine and I should concentrate on the code around it?



T. Kunze

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answered Jan 26, 2018 by Anthony-Gaudino (7,810 points)