Combined Control and Data(Object) flow in Activity Diagram

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asked Aug 8, 2017 in Wanted features by anonymous
Is it possible to model a data(object) flow parallel to the control flow depicted by an activity diagram?

I saw that objects can be intserted into the activity diagram as elemens with the following notation ": name of object]", but this is an integration e.g. in-between two actions.

The question is now if it is also possible to draw a data flow next to the control flow, e.g. that one action follows the other coneccted by an arrow and in addition there is another arrow (e.g. dashed) going out of the first action pointing to an object. Again dashed arrows might indicate that this object feeds as input into other actions (especially these infeeds to other and potentially multiple actions is not reasonably to be modelled via fork).

Any idea how to get such a activity diagram via plantuml today? If not can one expect support for such a drawing soon?

commented Feb 18 by Anthony-Gaudino (7,650 points)
Please provide an image example of what you want to achieve.

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