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asked Sep 20, 2017 in Bug by nikhil (820 points)


I am trying one class diagram on online demo server (above link) where the output is shown correctly in the same window.  But when I try to see it as SVG/PNG it says 400 - Bad Request.

The diagram is little big. Is there any size limitation that may be affecting it? But if so, then how come the view panel window displays it correctly on the same screen?

Any specific reasons for this?



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answered Sep 20, 2017 by plantuml (193,030 points)
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It should work.

Your link is pointing to a sequence diagram, not a class diagram. Are you sure about your link ?

Note that URL are limited in size, so it is possible that URL longer than 2000 characters have issues (but yours is shorter)
commented Sep 21, 2017 by nikhil (820 points)
The URL given is not for my diagram its for the default URL of PlantUML online server which by default has sequence diagram example.

However, the issue was very strange. When I was trying to open my class diagram on new tab using mouse or using Open in new tab only then the error was shown. If I simply click on Open as SVG on the same page the diagram was being loaded correctly.
commented Sep 21, 2017 by nikhil (820 points)
Also, as you mentioned there is a limit to the size of URL at times it works at times it doesnt. Is there any possibility of increasing the URL size?