Add \ to & in LaTex-Export

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asked Nov 2 in bug by Dresaan (760 points)
In LaTex, '&' and '\' are command chars. So they have to be escaped.

The sample:

class SomeClass{

Something & something other with a \\ does not work


throws an latex exception caused by the & and the \ just disappears.

Both should get an '\' prefixed to escape it so that they are generated as "\&" and "\\".

The bug is propably on every text regardless of what diagram type or element.

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answered Nov 3 by plantuml (134,570 points)
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Thanks for the feedback.

It's fixed in last beta

Tell us if you find other issues with LaTex !
commented Nov 3 by Dresaan (760 points)
Seems to work. Thank you :-)