Cannot recognize included file in config file

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asked Nov 6 in Wanted features by tatevik (180 points)
I have a config file in which is included another file,When I am running with config file from command line the included file isn't recognized but when I include my config file into my plantuml script and ther I am runing only plantuml script the included file is read. How can I make my included file in config file recognized when running in command line?

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answered Nov 6 by plantuml (134,510 points)

Which version of PlantUML are you using ?

For us, the following example is working:

File config.txt:
skinparam handwritten true

File test.txt:
alice -> bob : ok

java -jar plantuml.jar -config config.txt test.txt

Can you test this on your configuration ?


commented Nov 6 by tatevik (180 points)
Thanks for answer.
I use PlantUML version 1.2017.16
This example works for me but I have another situation.
For example int config.txt we have included file another_config.txt(where all skinparams are written) and when I run ```java -jar plantuml.jar -config config.txt test.txt``` command I am getting error :
 Error line 0 in file: C:\path\to\test.txt
Some diagram description contains errors
But when I include config.txt in text.txt and simply run java -jar plantuml.jar test.txt all files are included successfully. So I need to know How can I run my config file from command line without adding it to my test.txt
commented Nov 7 by plantuml (134,510 points)
Ok, thanks for the explanation.
This should work with last beta (beta22)
However we made some deep changes here, so please tell us if you find regressions!
commented Nov 7 by tatevik (180 points)
Thanks :)
Now it works. But I woulb prefer to see this solution also in stable version.
commented Nov 7 by plantuml (134,510 points)
Sure, we will publish an official release in a couple of weeks.