embed sub diagrams in diagram like a note

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asked Jan 8 in Wanted features by glenflet

I want to be able to write something like this


abstract ATest {
  {static} +String id
  {abstract} -void doit()

class Test {
  -int count
  -int max
  -int increment
  -void doit()

ATest <|-- Test

subdiagram right of  Test::doit

    while (count < max?)
      :count = count + increment;
end subdiagram

such that it would draw something like


but with the activity diagram


in the note rather than the code to define the activity diagram.

I would like this to work for any set of diagrams (in the start/end(uml) block) with unlimited levels of nesting, but am currently only looking to embed activity diagrams in class diagrams.

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