Sequence Diagram Skinparam for Collections BorderColor is wrongly using ParticipantBorderColor setting.

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asked Jan 9 in bug by George Liou (290 points)


  The skin parameters for "collections" in sequence diagram, CollectionsBackgroundColor and CollectionsBorderColor, has existed in plantuml.1.2018.0.jar with the command "java -jar plantuml.1.2018.0.jar -language"

However, when I tried to config the border color of collections, CollectionsBorderColor had no effect, but ParticipantBorderColor did change the border color.

For example:

skinparam {
    ParticipantBackgroundColor #00ff00
    ParticipantBorderColor #00ff00
    CollectionsBackgroundColor #ffcc00
    CollectionsBorderColor #ff0000

actor A
collections C
A -> C: messages
C -> A: responces


The expect result of C is red border with yellow background.
However, the result of C is green border with yellow background.

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answered Jan 10 by plantuml (138,660 points)
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Thanks for the feedback!

This should be fixed in last beta
commented 4 days ago by George Liou (290 points)
Thank you,

The last beta version did a good job!