'dot.exe stop' - rendering a 27 line PUML file

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asked Jan 25, 2018 in Bug by Olivier Wall

I get "dot.exe has stopped working" and a 5817ms render time (dot.exe does eventually return something after the failure message) when using the PlantUML IntelliJ plugin (with -Xmx1024m) on the following:-

skinparam class {
       FontSize 18
foo *--> ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse : a
foo *--> CustomerProvidedAccessTransitDiverse : AccessRequirements
class ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse {
    -- attributes --
ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse -|> AccessRequirements :a
ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse o-> AccessCircuit : Access
ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse o-> CustomerprovidedCPE : a
ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse o-> WANTerminationSpecification : a
ColocatedAccessTransitDiverse o-> WANTerminationSpecification : SecondaryGenericCPE
CustomerProvidedAccessTransitDiverse -|> AccessRequirements :a
CustomerProvidedAccessTransitDiverse o-> AccessCircuit : a
CustomerProvidedAccessTransitDiverse o-> CustomerprovidedCPE
CustomerProvidedAccessTransitDiverse o-> WANTerminationSpecification : SecondaryGenericCPE
It is also failing to render the last attribute a6 in the class definition, even though that is just before the commented out section.
If I change the fontsize to <18, or any of the long labels to something shorter, or remove the commented out attribute section altogether, or reduce the number of attributes it works OK.
In summary problem it seems to be very sensitive to the size of the boxes being linked and the labels on the lines.
(This structure is part of a much larger diagram auto-generated by code, which I have manually whittled down to isolate the problem, so I cant do things like change the arrow directions.)

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answered Jan 31, 2018 by mgrol (2,620 points)


in my case, your example is rendered without problems with the Intellij Plugin as well as with the stand-alone gui.

As a general note, the Intellij plugin is not provided from plantuml.com but someone else. For the way forward, try to use the stand-alone gui from plantuml to see if it works on your machine. Please see here: http://plantuml.com/gui .

If this does't work, more detailed information would be helpful.