Missing features documentation (CONTINUATION)

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asked Feb 7 in Wanted features by hukameniz (5,250 points)
edited 1 day ago by hukameniz

This is a continuation of http://forum.plantuml.net/7095 because of character limit.

Stereotyped arrows   http://forum.plantuml.net/3816

Settings multiple arrow skinparams in one line    http://forum.plantuml.net/3816

skinparam componentArrowColor       http://forum.plantuml.net/3816

DATA URI as embeded image    http://forum.plantuml.net/3790

Inline set multiple styles in various diagrams   http://forum.plantuml.net/3770

Transparent color   http://forum.plantuml.net/3648

Arrows from/to class members   http://forum.plantuml.net/3636

Component diagram consumer/provider arrows    http://forum.plantuml.net/3621

Creole on class titles with as     http://forum.plantuml.net/3601

The diagram code is embedded into the PNG metadata    http://forum.plantuml.net/3562

Latex link ([[latex://]])    http://forum.plantuml.net/3558

Activity diagram end    http://forum.plantuml.net/3505

skinparam sequenceMessageAlign     http://forum.plantuml.net/3482

Tree structure inside class     http://forum.plantuml.net/3448

Class attribute stereotype    http://forum.plantuml.net/3424

-eps:text flag    http://forum.plantuml.net/3214

[norank] arrow option    http://forum.plantuml.net/3188

skinparam activityArrowFontColor     http://forum.plantuml.net/3166

skinparam padding    http://forum.plantuml.net/3118

Use \ for multiline stuff   http://forum.plantuml.net/3104

Align text with \l and \r    http://forum.plantuml.net/3055

skinparam activityShape   http://forum.plantuml.net/2899

Activity diagram multiple halting states   http://forum.plantuml.net/2868

Inline coloring of partition   http://forum.plantuml.net/2793

skinparam activityArrowFontSize   http://forum.plantuml.net/2792

Swimlane alias   http://forum.plantuml.net/2681

%autonumber%   http://forum.plantuml.net/7119

Activity diagram joinspec   http://forum.plantuml.net/5346

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