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asked Feb 9, 2018 in Bug by flandraco (120 points)

I am not sure where I need to suggest bugs:

I have logged a few issues on the GitHub location (, but it looks like most of the activity and resolution is in this forum?

At the risk of being chastised, let me try this forum for the same issues I logged there (and I'll continue using the medium that works):

The problem (bug) is that when I turn on shared target style for implementation (dotted lines), the dotted lines become solid:


skinparam groupInheritance 2
skinparam linetype poly
hide empty members

class B implements A
class C implements A
class Q extends P
class R extends P

class Concrete implements Abstract


The visualization from Concrete to Abstract correctly shows a dotted line.

The visualization from B and C into A show the shared target style, but the dotted lines are now solid...

Also note that the grouping does NOT work when using linetype ortho, which is another bug.

BUG1: Implementation dotted lines become solid when grouping.
BUG2: Grouping doesn't work with linetype ortho.

commented Feb 10, 2018 by flandraco (120 points)
I have tried to work around this by using objects or rectangles, but for that scenario, I stumble into a different bug: the arrows on the generalization end simply disappear now...  The associations do get grouped though.

BUG3: Visualization of arrow end disappears for generalization with objects or rectangles.

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