Allow linebreaks in Macro parameter

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asked Feb 23 in Wanted features by rngtng (170 points)
Consider following working code:

!define MULTILINEMESSAGE(from,to,message) from -> to : message

MULTILINEMESSAGE(A,B, I can has Multiline support plz)

Unfortunately this fails (syntax error) when introducing multilines:

!define MULTILINEMESSAGE(from,to,message) from -> to : message

Multiline support\


is it a bug? Or am I doing sth wrong?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 16 by Anthony-Gaudino (7,760 points)

You can use !definelong !enddefinelong


!definelong mymacro(a, b)
class a
class b

mymacro(foo, bar)
commented Mar 17 by rngtng (170 points)
Thanks @hukameniz

But this unfortunately doesn‘t solve my problem.  !definelong allows linebreaks in macros. But i‘m Looking for linebreaks in macroParamters. So I can call a macro with a value strechting over multiple Lines...