view all pages of diagram with on line editor

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asked Mar 1 in Wanted features by escuotto

how do I view all the pages wi dun diagram through an online editor?
in this my script, for example:

Bob ->x Alice
Bob -> Alice
newpage 1
Bob ->> Alice
Bob -\ Alice
Bob \\- Alice
newpage 2
Bob //-- Alice
Bob ->o Alice
Bob o\\-- Alice
newpage 3
Bob <-> Alice
Bob <->o Alice

Only the first page is displayed.

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answered Mar 2 by Serge Wenger Work (9,890 points)
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Add 1/ after the png in the link to page 2 (first is 0). For example:

commented Mar 2 by
thank you so much.
commented Mar 2 by anonymous
I tried to use this by adding 1/, but it does not work. Can you please help here.
commented Mar 6 by bx
For some reason this only seems to work when you use the server. I am hosting my own server and this behavior does not work. Any idea why?
commented Mar 6 by plantuml (188,280 points)
Yes, it's possible that this feature has not been reported into the open source version of the server. We're going to investigate and then post some news here.
commented Mar 7 by Serge Wenger Work (9,890 points)
Not working also on my own server
commented Mar 9 by plantuml (188,280 points)
We've just fixed it in V1.2018.2
The war file should be ok now
commented Mar 12 by Serge Wenger Work (9,890 points)
Tested and OK on my server.