Rewrite using Xtext?

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asked Mar 7, 2018 in Wanted features by matthewadams12 (250 points)

NB:  I just wanted to throw this out there, as my company does a fair amount of development of DSLs.

If you were to rewrite the parser using Xtext, you would get many things for free, including syntax-aware intelligent editors for both eclipse & JetBrains products, which include refactoring support (rename c/i/e/a, note, etc).  Further, with the abstract model, you could offer quick fixes, best practice recommendations, etc.

Further, while I'm still fairly new to PlantUML (but have been a professional geek for >30 years), I feel like the current PlantUML syntax could be reenvisioned, with a particular focus on a couple of themes:

  • separating rendering concerns from the diagram-independent model artifacts (like classes),
  • providing optional places in the grammar for information beyond what UML allows (for example, specifiying the regex that governs valid values of a string field, etc) so that this extra information could be used by tools aware of those extensions, and
  • stepping back and taking a holistic view of the syntax to see where it has evolved (or devolved) inconsistently.

We have an Apache 2.0-licensed open source product of our own ( that we have used with good success on several projects.  Yaktor's domain model DSL,, could be used as a head start for an Xtext-based PlantUML syntax.  The source for the DSL is at

Kick the idea around...

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