Why the decision node in plantuml for activity diagrams does not look like the one in the doc

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asked Mar 15, 2018 in Question / help by Manuel

The activity diagram reference that is available here (I do not know if it is the official reference thought) shows decision node quite differently than the shape provided in plantuml.

I would like to know the reason of this difference and if somebody know how/if it can have consequences when exchanging diagram after having them exported in xmi.

Side question, is this possible to have additive comment with dashed line like "the Decision node with decision input behavior of the same documentation.

Thanks in advance for your explanations.

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answered Mar 15, 2018 by plantuml (191,090 points)

About point #1, you can use "skinparam conditionStyle inside" like in the following example:

skinparam conditionStyle inside
while (ITERATE)
  if (revision code?) then ([no])
    if (test) then (yes)

commented Mar 16, 2018 by Manuel (100 points)

Dear Plantuml,

The decision node and the merge node are the same in the reference documentation provided in the link of my question. For the diagram you provided, according to my understanding of the doc, the nodes should look like in the image below:

With my question I wanted to know the reasons for the differences between the two graphical choices.

Then I wanted to know the consequences (if any) with the compatibility for exported diagrams.