How do you color a partition in new Activity syntax?

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asked Apr 11 in Question / help by alevinetx (260 points)

Old syntax would support coloring a partition via:

partition Audience #LightSkyBlue {

However, in the new syntax, that fails. I tried putting it before, with a colon, as used for coloring other elements

#LightSkyBlue:partition Audience {

  but, that also fails.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you !

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answered Apr 12 by plantuml (189,260 points)
selected Apr 12 by alevinetx
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The exact syntax is

partition #LightSkyBlue foo3 {

Hope this helps!

commented Apr 12 by plantuml (189,260 points)
We will probably change this to accept the old syntax order
commented Apr 12 by alevinetx (260 points)
Great, thank you!

Whichever way, would you please update the documentation to reflect?

Thank you much!
commented Sep 20 by anonymous
I think that in the current version, it is the name of the partition then its color

partition foo3 #LightSkyBlue {