an ability to define an OrderedGroup component

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am I able to define an OrderedGroup component and then define interfaces for each of the group members?

OrderedGroup component

Etc. So that the grouped members are always displayed next to each other (like storeуs) and are always in the strict order.

This would help building architecture diagrams that should show strict order (levels or storeys) of components

Here are some more details on the expectations (the main point of the group component are the rules the children are layed out and ordered):

commented Nov 26, 2018 by boshka (3,020 points)
are there any ideas how to achieve this?
Probably we could somehow define in the iuml, that Component 1 shall autoexpand to the width of it's parent (i.e. "Component" on the attached diagram). Same about Component 2. Hence, since Component 1 is defined 1st, it will be displayed as the top layer. And, since it is defined 2nd, Component 2 will be displayed as the bottom layer.
commented Dec 21, 2018 by boshka (3,020 points)
The simplest way I could see would be to have a delimiter, that can be defined within a component (a horizontal for the start) that would separate other elements (child components) top/bottom side from the delimiter.
It can be something like the one used in the sequence diagram (==Text==):
So that, from iuml it would something like this

component "a" as a {
   ==Layer 1==
   component "L1" as L1 {
   ==Layer 2==
   component "L2" as L2 {

It would greatly help organizing things more structured on component diagrams. I know there is a hack to define an invisible link like -[hidden]-, however, it does not work good in all cases.

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answered 6 days ago by plantuml (190,670 points)
Unfortunately, the current layout engine (graphviz/dot) used for component diagrams does not allow this kind of things.

This would mean using a new layout engine, which is theorically possible, but would need a huge amount of work.

So currently we cannot help on the request. Sorry about that.
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so, my proposal of Dec 21, 2018 would not work either?
commented 5 days ago by Serge Wenger Work (10,130 points)
A dummy workaround is something like:
rectangle a as "
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That would not work since I cannot actually place "component b as b {...}" instead of, say, bbbbbb. Could we support something like this:

rectangle a as "
component b as b {
component c as c {

b ->c

I do want the components to be layered and have an ability to link those in a regular way using interfaces.