Component Diagram : Labels overlapping with node's sides

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asked May 2 in Bug by FuSoftware (270 points)

On COmponent diagrams, sometimes the interfaces' labels may be overlapping with the node's label. See the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT labels in the diagram below

[MIDI Keyboard] as MIDDevIn
[MIDI Synthesizer] as MIDDevOut
[Speaker] as Speaker

node "Synth PCB" {
    interface I2C
    interface "MIDI IN" as MidiIn
    interface "MIDI OUT" as MidiOut
    interface "Jack 3.5" as Jack

    [PIC 16F628A (MIDI)] as PICMid
    [PIC 16F628A (Synth)] as PICSynth

    MidiIn <- MIDDevIn 
    MidiOut -> MIDDevOut 
    Jack -> Speaker

    PICMid -right- MidiIn
    PICMid -down- MidiOut
    PICSynth - Jack

    I2C <.. PICMid : Sends
    PICSynth <.. I2C : Receives


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