Change gantt scale for long projects

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asked May 7 in Wanted features by Guillaume


When trying to draw Gantt diagram for long projects, the scale is not good enough. It could be useful to be able to set the "resolution" of the gantt (i.e. month or year resolution).

to improve the readability in that case, milestones should also write exact date.

example for syntax proposal:

Resolution is Month
[Test prototype] lasts 10 days
[Prototype completed] happens at [Test prototype]'s end
[Prototype completed] display date
[Setup assembly line] lasts 12 days
[Setup assembly line] starts at [Test prototype]'s end

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commented Jul 20 by Bryan (420 points)
I think it'd also be desirable to change not only the calendar units, but also the task units. So if the Resolution keyword indicated what sort of calendar was to be used, then it would be desirable to allow units of days/weeks/months/quarters.
commented Jul 20 by Bryan (420 points)
I see there is another question/request asking for hours ...

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answered May 24 by Steven Fox

We generally talk in Calendar weeks, and Quarters