why I always get this?

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asked May 8 in Question / help by howard (120 points)
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I downloaded the war and put it on my server, every thing ran well except the exported png img. Why I get this? Please help.


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answered May 11 by plantuml (160,200 points)

It looks like some font issue.

Can you try:


And post here the result ?


commented May 12 by howard (120 points)
img posted.
Pls check out what happened.
commented May 12 by plantuml (160,200 points)
Can you explain why you have posted two images ?
commented 4 days ago by anonymous
The left one is png, the right one is svg.

I put them together for comparing
commented 8 hours ago by plantuml (160,200 points)
Ok, understand.
There is definitively an issue with fonts on your Java installation.
Did you install is yourself ? What is your system / OS / JVM ?