Lines over activities when using swim lanes

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asked Jun 1, 2018 in Bug by aviau (160 points)


I am getting lines over activities using when using swim lanes.

Let me know if I am using it wrong or if this is a bug!

I love PlantUML by the way! By far the best tool to work on UML for university projects using git.


This is my source:


    :Prepare a source upload;
    : Upload the package to the master with dput;
    : Receive the upload;
    : Save the upload parameters;
    :queue a build job;
split again
    : Create archive rebuild on the web interface;
    :Queue a build jobs for all packages in the archive;



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answered Jun 2, 2018 by plantuml (195,380 points)
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Thanks for the feedback.

Actually, it's a bug in the swimlane management. Unfortunately, it's a bug-by-design : meaning that the way we manage swimlanes cause this kind of line crossing. (So it's not a bug, it's a feature :-)

We are going to think about a way to solve this, but it's going to be long because we have to redesign many thing. I'm not even sure that we will be successful here. Sorry about that.

In your example, there is a second bug : the "end split" should happen in "Master" swimlane, not in "User" swimlane. This one has been fixed in last beta