Elseif SkinParam doesn't seem to use the ActivityDiamond

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asked Jul 31 in Question / help by Jeff Martin

I'm trying to use skin params and while the If, else skin just fine, the diamond created by the elseif does not... 

skinparam activity {
   BackgroundColor #00538D
   BorderColor #00538D
   BorderThickness 1
   BorderRoundCorner 1
   ArrowColor #8CC63E
   FontName Helvetica
   FontColor White
   DiamondBackgroundColor #00538D
   DiamondBorderColor #00538D
   DiamondFontName Helvetica
   DiamondFontColor White
title If else elseif example
if (If Text) then (yes)
:Do Something;
else (No)
if (Option A) then 
:A Thing>
elseif (Option B)
:B Thing>
elseif (Option C)
:C thing>
commented Aug 1 by albert (2,650 points)
Looks like that some entities are used for the "if / else if" construct (I like not to reuse colors for test cases like these so it will be even more clear what is the problem and what influences what):
   DiamondBackgroundColor #ffffff
   DiamondBorderColor #ff0000
   DiamondFontName Helvetica
   DiamondFontColor #00ff00
just not the DiamondFontColor. It looks like the DiamondFontColor  is only used in a simple "if / else" construct.

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answered Aug 2 by plantuml (187,300 points)
Thanks for the report : it's actually a bug

It should be fixed in last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar

Tell us if it's not working for you
commented Aug 8 by jmartin (130 points)
Generally using Planttext.com and the plugin in confluence so no good way of testing - but thanks for the response - always good to know i'm not doing something wrong/stupid.