Elseif SkinParam doesn't seem to use the ActivityDiamond

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asked Jul 31, 2018 in Question / help by Jeff Martin

I'm trying to use skin params and while the If, else skin just fine, the diamond created by the elseif does not... 

skinparam activity {
   BackgroundColor #00538D
   BorderColor #00538D
   BorderThickness 1
   BorderRoundCorner 1
   ArrowColor #8CC63E
   FontName Helvetica
   FontColor White
   DiamondBackgroundColor #00538D
   DiamondBorderColor #00538D
   DiamondFontName Helvetica
   DiamondFontColor White
title If else elseif example
if (If Text) then (yes)
:Do Something;
else (No)
if (Option A) then 
:A Thing>
elseif (Option B)
:B Thing>
elseif (Option C)
:C thing>
commented Aug 1, 2018 by albert (2,740 points)
Looks like that some entities are used for the "if / else if" construct (I like not to reuse colors for test cases like these so it will be even more clear what is the problem and what influences what):
   DiamondBackgroundColor #ffffff
   DiamondBorderColor #ff0000
   DiamondFontName Helvetica
   DiamondFontColor #00ff00
just not the DiamondFontColor. It looks like the DiamondFontColor  is only used in a simple "if / else" construct.

1 Answer

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answered Aug 2, 2018 by plantuml (190,670 points)
Thanks for the report : it's actually a bug

It should be fixed in last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar

Tell us if it's not working for you
commented Aug 8, 2018 by jmartin (130 points)
Generally using Planttext.com and the plugin in confluence so no good way of testing - but thanks for the response - always good to know i'm not doing something wrong/stupid.