Package is no more fitted to isn’t smallest size

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asked Aug 3, 2018 in Question / help by luclaf (120 points)


Thanks first for your great work. 

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a question, but packages are not fitted to their smallest size when included. Previously I’m quite sure this will work perfectly.

The problem is that when included in the \ISA\LL\Metamodel\Metamodel.puml file, the ISA\LL\Concepts package is still big as if the hidden classes were present.

You will find joined the source code I use. In the out directory there is the PNG files.

This is true either when I use VSCode or directly plantuml.1.2018.9.jar. I have graphviz-2.38.

Can you help me ?



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answered Aug 3, 2018 by plantuml (198,300 points)

Yes, you are right. There have been a slight change. Usually, we try to avoid this, but sometimes we have to somehow impact ascending compatibiliy.

Now, you have to use "remove" keyword instead of "hide" (some info here )

In last version, "hide" is used to hide elements (while keeping their original space) and "remove" really remove the elements from the diagram (as the old "hide" keyword was working).

Here is an example:

package A {
class A001
class A002
class A003
package B {
class B001
class B002
class B003
hide A002
remove B002

I hope that you don't have too many diagrams to change.


commented Aug 7, 2018 by luclaf (120 points)
Many thanks for your answer.
Changing hide to remove is straightforward with VS Code: so no problem at all.
Have a good day.