Cutting off component diagram interfaces

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asked Dec 3 in Question / help by anonymous
On the PlantUML website component diagram example with interfaces results in the diagram being cut off: - Basic example.

Also when I try this on



package "Training Session" {

interface "FB1 Train" as FB1Snapshot
interface "FB1 Merge" as FB1Train

FB1Snapshot - [Pretraining]
FB1Train - [Posttraining]
[Pretraining] --> [Training]
[Training] --> [Posttraining]



It also shows that the interfaces get cut off in the resulting diagram.

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answered Dec 3 by plantuml (188,240 points)
Thanks for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last beta
commented Dec 4 by albert (2,650 points)
Looks fixed to me in 1.2018.14beta3