Syntax error "</w>" with includesub with comments since 2018.11

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asked Apr 17 in Bug by rd27 (670 points)

The second file below will result in a "</w> Syntax Error" as shown at This has been a problem since 2018.11. The files render correctly with 2018.9. The problem seems to be the comment line in the first file. Removing it causes the second file to render correctly.





!startsub MAIN

' Comment

rectangle z

!endsub MAIN

rectangle test



!includesub includeSubIssueInclude.puml!MAIN

rectangle x


commented Apr 17 by rd27 (670 points)
Note it still remains broken with 2019.4. Thx.
commented Apr 17 by rd27 (670 points)
The error shown on the command line is

Error line 2 in file: /Users/drees/IdeaProjects/plantuml/platuml/issues/includeSubIssueContainer.puml
Some diagram description contains errors
commented 1 day ago by rd27 (670 points)
'*********** file includesub includeSubIssue2_include.pum
!startsub MAIN

!define NEW_SKINPARAMS(type) BorderColor<<type##_NEW>> #Red

skinparam database {

!endsub MAIN

rectangle i


' ********** other file

left to right direction

!includesub includeSubIssue2_include.puml!MAIN

rectangle a


1 Answer

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answered 6 days ago by plantuml (198,400 points)
Thanks for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last beta

Tell us if it's not working for you!
commented 3 days ago by rd27 (670 points)
Yes, that fixed it. Thanks!
commented 1 day ago by rd27 (670 points)
Actually, I found another case. The following works correctly in 1.2018.9, but gives the "</w> Syntax Error" in 1.2019.5beta17 and 1.2019.4.
commented 9 hours ago by plantuml (198,400 points)
We are currently moving to a new preprocessor implementation (see )
So we do not want to spend to much time on some code that will be soon removed.

Since this new one is going to be the default one, would it be possible that you use it for now (you just have to add !preprocessorV2 at the begining of your diagrams).
Your example indeed seems to work with the V2 preprocessor.

And this way, you could beta-test the new preprocessor.

What do you think about it ?
commented 5 hours ago by rd27 (670 points)
Adding it does handle that case.

One challenge in using I have found though is if  !preprocessorV2 is in an included file I get a red Syntax Error. So I forced to switch to !includesub in many places I was using !include.

I also can't seem to add !preprocessorV2 as a default config in the IDEA plugin -
commented 3 minutes ago by Meo (1,040 points)
fyi that "default config in the IDEA plugin" goes to net.sourceforge.plantuml.SourceStringReader as 'List<String> config' param