participant declarations with a space

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asked 5 days ago in Bug by andreas.kagedal (280 points)

Hi, I have a question about participant declarations in sequence diagrams.

Both of these work:

participant donald as "Donald\nDuck"

participant "Donald Duck"

But this does no work

participant "Donald Duck" as "Donald\nDuck"

Why? Is it intentional, or a bug?

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answered 1 day ago by anonymous


You can not enclose double sides of "as" with double quotes.

The pattern for using "as" is:

participant  DonaldDuck1Left        as "Donald Duck 1 Right"
participant "Donald Duck 2 Left"    as  DonaldDuck2Right
participant  DonaldDuck3Left        as "Donald\nDuck\n3\nRight"
participant "Donald\nDuck\n4\nLeft" as  DonaldDuck4Right