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asked Feb 4, 2014 in Wanted features by kkaruppanan (220 points)
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Can we add support for text2mind map like feature in PlantUML?  Just like www.text2mindmap.com into plantuml to create mindmaps out of PlantUML using plant UML language syntax.  

I am requesting this feature to be able to build a Quality Attribute Tree or QTree or Utility tree out of PlantUML and therefore please assign highest priority as I believe this could be a very simple feature but having a great usage value.  So, please do prioritize this request with highest value.

Also, If one wants to contribute to enhance the features of PlantUML.  What should I do to support PlantUML development? How can I help PlantUML development via my skills in Software development?  Please share me the details regarding how can one contribute towards adding features to PlantUML?  What guidelines I should follow?   How to get started with development of features to plantuml?  How could I own a feature in PlantUML for (e.g) I might be interested in contributing to my feature requests that I have posted so far.

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answered Jun 14, 2016 by vitaly.v.ch (150 points)
I also will be very happy with this feature


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answered Jun 17, 2016 by bond007 (650 points)

Perhaps, you mean "indented text syntax" instead of "PlantUML syntax", something like tree-widjet in PlantUML, but marked jaust with indents and rendered as a graph.

So, this should be a the neato, not the dot renderer - as it's a force graph, not a tree.

So, as far, as I can understand possible realisation, this could be something like this:



Root Item

    Item 1

          Item 1.1

    Item 2


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Great!  Yes, this would help to have mind maps out of PlantUML. The Syntax can be finalized by the PlantUML team, having feature might help us to generate mindmaps.  The main reason I had requested for this feature is to have the ability to generate the Quality Attribute Tree or QTree or Utility tree using PlantUML.  I hope this gives the necessary impetus to have this feature at the earliest.