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I really like plantuml and so I want to give you some ideas for improvements.

I would like to be able to "delay" a change in a robust (see 'dval' in the picture below)

Other nice features I would like:

   -Coloring parts of parts in a concise participant (maybe using # like in other diagram types)

   -make the space under the line of a robust participant not to be filled (maybe specified by skinparam)

source: http://digitaltimingdiagrams.com/static/articles/timing_diagram_basics.html

source: http://digitaltimingdiagrams.com/static/articles/timing_diagram_basics.html

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answered Feb 27 by plantuml (132,110 points)
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Thanks for your ideas & suggestions.

With last beta https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13064071/plantuml.jar
You can now have:

concise "Data" as DATA
0 is A0 #Yellow
100 is 4B #AntiqueWhite
200 is 04 #LightSkyBlue
300 is other {hidden} #SlateGrey
400 is 18 #white
500 is other {hidden} #SlateGrey

We don't like the {hidden} notation, so if you have ideas...
The delay things has to be coded.

Thanks again!

commented Feb 27 by mipok24 (220 points)
That looks already very awesome ;)

Instead of the {hidden}, maybe a new keyword like dirty or {dirty} could be defined, so you could just make a nameless dirty part with "300 is {dirty} #SlateGrey" or you give it a name that is displayed with "300 is name {dirty} #SlateGrey"
commented Feb 28 by plantuml (132,110 points)
You are right, it make no sense to put some name on unprinted state.
Using a new keyword (like dirty) prevents us to use this keyword for real state label.

So let's go for nameless state.

We are still not sure about the right syntax, so we've made a lenient parser in the following beta.

Anything with brackets or anything which is not letters will be interpreted as unprinted state.

concise "Data" as DATA
0 is ** #Yellow
100 is . #AntiqueWhite
200 is {undefined} #LightSkyBlue
300 is ... #SlateGrey
400 is ??? #white
500 is {hidden} #SlateGrey

The idea is to play with the syntax so that we find the right one.
Right now, we have a preference for ... but you tell us what you like better.
In the final version, only one syntax will be accepted.
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answered Feb 27 by mipok24 (220 points)
As I see it right now: Would it be difficult to implement the "break" you can see in the picture at CLK 7?
commented Feb 27 by plantuml (132,110 points)
No, it should not.
However, what is the exact meaning of this "break" ?
I guess it's a break in the timeline ? Meaning that bucket 7 lasts longer than the other ?
commented Feb 28 by anonymous
I would think it means that we skip some ticks. They should have not printed the 7 and instead of counting on at 8 they should have used something higher (9 or 10).