Order of relationships

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asked Apr 9 by mnlipp (240 points)

Have a look at this diagram:

class Component {
 + fire(event: Event): void
 + onSomeEvent(): void

class SomeChannel {
 + forward(event: Event): void

Component -[hidden]right-> SomeChannel

Component ..> "0..*" SomeChannel : <<call>>
note right on link: fire event

Component "0..*" <.. SomeChannel : <<call>>
note left on link
event handler
end note


Is it somehow possible to get the arrow from left to right to be rendered top of the arrow from right to left? Of course, class diagrams usually don't reflect tming informations. However, the <<call>> dependecy shows a dependency established by a method call. And because the "fire" happens before the "invoke handler", it would be nice to have a reading order "top to bottom".


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answered Apr 10 by plantuml (131,770 points)

Sorry, we really have little control on this order, as it is generated by GraphViz.

So I don't think we can change this.