please add box (and/or participant) nesting ability

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asked Jun 29 in Wanted features by boshka (1,320 points)
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Am I able to put box into another box in sequence diagrams?

Could we add box and/or participant nesting?

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answered Jun 29 by mgrol (900 points)
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do you mean something like this?

a -> b
group first box
b -> c
group second box
c -> a
a --> c
group third box
c -> c
end group
c -> a
end group
c --> b
end group
a -> c



Update: As you changed the topic and content of your question... multiple boxes to group participants are not (yet) possible.



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yes, basiacally what I am looking for are nested boxes and nested participants in an arbitrary order:

box "b1"
     participant "b1_p1"
     box "b1_b1"
           participant "b1_b1_p1"
     end box
end box

And, the same for participant:

participant "p1"
      participant "p1_p1"
      end participant

      box "p1_b1"
            participant "p1_b1_p1"
            end participant

            box "p1_b1_b1"
            end box
      end box

end participant

Are there any plans to support this?
commented Jul 17 by mgrol (900 points)
I don't know. But I put a vote on your feature request because I also find it handy.