Ability to Build Quality Attribute Scenarios

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asked Jul 5 in Wanted features by kkaruppanan (220 points)

Please support thie ability to build Quality Attibute Scenarios.  This would enable the architects to define Stimulus-response model to capture or define the Quality Attribute Scenarios with "Stimulus Source or Actor", "Stimulus", "Artificat", "Environment", "Response" and "Response Measure".

Also, while realizing this feature the "Response Measure" can be represented with icons such as a clock that indicates it captures the time behaviour etc as value addition.


Refer Figure 3 : Parts of a quality attribunate scerio. for an sample reference.

Please do give high priority for this request as this would help many architect / designers and would be great value addition for this tools capability.

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answered Jul 6 by plantuml (134,570 points)


About figure 3, you can have


actor "Stimulus Source" as Stimulus
rectangle "Artifact"
usecase "Response Measure" as ReponseMeasure
Stimulus --> Artifact : stimulus
Artifact --> ReponseMeasure : Response
This is far from perfect, but maybe this is a good start. Maybe we should add some more keyword. Do not hesitate to suggest some!
commented Jul 7 by kkaruppanan (220 points)

Yes, this could be a good start point.  However, as you indicated it would be good to have a specify category for this that would enable us to focus exclusively a new diagram kind and feature addition to the tool.

Btw, I also have an idea where in the information captured for UseCases, Activity Diagram, Quality Attribute Scenarios are converted into a tabular format with the description captured.  Since plantuml is at the moment is probably conceived as a pure drawing tool this request might look add.  But I see great potentially for this feature as each diagram information can be auto-captured and converted to a tabular representation with the necessary description which then could be pasted into a Word Application like Winword etc. May be such features supports can be realized as plug-ins to PlantUML that extends the possibilities of this tool.