ArrowColor for stereotype not working

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asked Aug 30 in bug by come2niks (490 points)
skinparam not working with ArrowColor stereotype.

for exampe :

skinparam class {

ArrowColor<<greenColor>> Green


is not working. But,

skinparam class {

ArrowColor Green


is working.

Is this supported or a bug? Or am I doing anything wrong here?

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answered Aug 30 by plantuml (134,650 points)
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The real issue is that stereotypes apply to classes only and not to arrows.

So something like "ArrowColor<<greenColor>> Green" should apply to arrows that are stereotyped to <<greenColor>>, and right now you cannot define stereotype arrows.

We could imagine that "ArrowColor<<greenColor>> Green" would apply if one of the classes connected by the arrow would have <<greenColor>> stereotype.

Is this what you are expecting ?

Putting it differently, in the following example, are you expecting the arrow to be drawn in red ?

skinparam class {
    ArrowColor Green
    ArrowColor<<stereo1>> Red
class foo1 <<stereo1>>
class foo2 <<stereo1>>
foo1 --> foo2

commented Sep 7 by come2niks (490 points)
Thanks for your reply.

Yes I am expecting the arrow to be in Red color but that is not possible with stereotype.

However, for now I have got the alternative -
foo1 -[#Red]-> foo2

But it would be great if stereotype support for Arrows can also be added. :)