\\\\ resolves to just \

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asked Feb 8, 2021 in Bug by Martin (8,280 points)
edited Feb 8, 2021 by Martin

In the example JSON two-character escape sequence on https://plantuml.com/json

 "reverse solidus character (U+005C)":       ["\\\\", "a\\b"]

displays as:

But I would have expected the top box to be "\\" not just "\".  

Edit: Also - see Th's note below with similar issues for \\n, \\r, \\t.

PS The full example also has a typo "beetwen"

commented Feb 8, 2021 by The-Lu (46,280 points)

Hello M.,

Yes it is a bug, because the maim goal is to have in final '\\' as 'a\\b'.

I didn't have time to open a new defect, I just mentioned on the doc. page :

Or not , on the same item as \n management in PlantUML wink

See all errors on test on JSON two-character escape sequence :


And thank for the typo, I correct immediately.


commented Feb 8, 2021 by Martin (8,280 points)
edited Feb 8, 2021 by Martin
Oops, sorry, didn't see the FIXME note.  Good work Th!  I turned my question into a bug report.

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