Composite state is broken by unrelated connection

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asked Jun 13, 2014 in Bug by ndeubert (120 points)


First off thank you for such a great tool, it is very helpful. I have the following code for a state machine and I noticed when I uncomment out the last line, the "ActivatingPlay" state pops out of the "Activating" state which is not correct because it is supposed to be a composite state in the "Activating" state. It is very easily reproducible with the latest version.

left to right direction
[*] --> iu
state "InactiveUnselected" as iu
state "Inactive" as i
state "Active" as a { 
    state "Play" as p
    state "Pause" as ps
    [*] --> p : Play
    [*] --> ps : Pause
    p --> ps : Pause/Pause/\nPlayToggle
    ps --> p : Play/Play/\nPlayToggle
    p -down-> i : DeactivateRequest
    ps -down-> i : DeactivateRequest
state "Activating" as at {
    state "ActivatingPlay" as ap
    state "ActivatingPause" as aps 
    [*] --> ap : Play
    [*] --> ap : SkipNext
    [*] --> ap : SkipPrevious
    [*] --> aps : Pause
    ap --> p : ActivateRequest
    aps --> ps : ActivateRequest
iu --> iu : Play
iu --> at : Selected (Selected in  App)
at --> a : ActivateRequest
i --> iu : Unselected
i --> ap : Play
i --> ap : SelectContentItem
a --> i : DeactivateRequest
'a --> iu : Unselected



And this is it with the last line commented out:

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