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Is there a way to draw a frame around a sequence diagram, like it is shown in the current uml specification on page 566 (section

The notation for an Interaction in a Sequence Diagram is a solid-outline rectangle. A pentagon in the upper left corner of
the rectangle contains ‘sd’ followed by the Interaction name and parameters. The notation within this rectangular frame
comes in several forms: Sequence Diagrams, Communication Diagrams, Interaction Overview Diagrams, and Timing

A simple group does not achieve the required result, because the instances are not included in the rectangle.

commented Mar 8, 2018 by ecopete (100 points)
This would be fantastic, especially that we could get interaction overview diagrams in PlantUML.

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answered Nov 23, 2018 by s_lyhne (140 points)
Yes, please implement this!
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answered Nov 23, 2018 by plantuml (295,000 points)

Thanks for the suggestion!

With last beta you can now have:


mainframe This is a frame

participant alpha
participant beta

alpha -> beta: a1
beta <- alpha: a2

beta -> alpha: b1
alpha <- beta: b2

It this what you are looking for ?

commented Feb 11, 2019 by anonymous
Yes, this works. Thank you!
commented Sep 28, 2022 by anonymous
can the space between the main frame and the starting place of the partcicpants be increased ? The current space is very minimal to differentiate.
asked Sep 28, 2022 in Wanted features by The-Lu (65,440 points) [Style] Allow [all] style for mainframe