Please allow to create groupboxes in Salt

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asked Mar 30, 2017 in Closed feature request by Chris38 (220 points)

I 'd like to draw a groupbox in salt.

I am thinking maybe an extension to tables, where one can add text on top of the top left line. For some reason, I cannot paste an image in this post, but I think something like this

{^"My group box"


Would look like this:

+-- My group box ------------+
|                            |

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answered Apr 2, 2017 by plantuml (277,020 points)
selected Apr 7, 2017 by Chris38
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It's not widely tested, but with last beta (beta19)

You can have

{^"My group box"
  Login    | "MyName   "
  Password | "****     "
  [Cancel] | [  OK   ]