Group components can't be set transparent

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asked Oct 10, 2018 in Bug by Rob Oxspring

I understand that transparency isn't supported for normal shapes (although it would be nice!).

However, group shapes are transparent by default (see node below), and can be set to a color (see database below), but setting the color to transparent results in even the group shapes being painted white (see cloud below).

skinparam backgroundColor silver
'skinparam nodeBackgroundColor
skinparam cloudBackgroundColor transparent
skinparam databaseBackgroundColor yellow

node "Group mode node" {
  node multilinenode[
    = Multi-line node
    More detail goes

cloud "Group mode cloud" {
  cloud multilinecloud[
    = Multi-line cloud
    More detail goes here

database "Group mode database" {
  database simpledatabase

  database multilinedatabase[
    = Multi-line database
    More detail goes here

PlantUML diagram

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