Restricting the width of diagrams

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asked Nov 24, 2017 in Wanted features by MSel
edited Nov 24, 2017

We use plantuml to automatically generate diagrams out of text. Sadly, the resulting diagrams happen to be too wide to fit on the desired A4-paper, while their height remains relatively low. Since the diagrams and their respective source-code are generated automatically, manipulation of single images is not an option.

Even though there are others reporting the same cause, this problem appears to be unsolved. Is there by chance a solution I have missed? Maybe an undocumented feature?

An example was omitted since it is quite wide (naturally). I can still add it, if it helps.

1 Answer

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answered 17 hours ago by come2niks (780 points)

Try using -

scale 1024 width // 1024 pixels
scale 768 height // 768 pixels

Example :

You can also try

left to right direction

In case you need to adjust on height and width.

Example :

More scaling options mentioned here -

Hope it helps.