Bug: skinparam packageShadowing does't work on stereotyped packages

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asked Sep 17 in Bug by Sander

Using plantuml 1.2018.10 and the example below, changing the shadowing of a stereotyped package doesn't influence the appearance of a package in the generated image. This behaviour is in the component diagram. 

I noticed setting shadowing (true/false) is also not working for non-stereotyped elements, e.g. cloud, package, database, but IS working for component.

The example has shadowing disabled for the stereotype <Layout>, but changing all packageShadowing to false and of the stereotype to true doesn't change the end result.

skinparam packageShadowing true
skinparam packageShadowing<<Layout>> false

package Package1 {
  component Comp1
package Package2 <<Layout>> {
  component Comp2

1 Answer

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answered Sep 17 by plantuml (189,260 points)
commented Sep 20 by Sander
More or less duplicate, as the example didn't match up to the issue text.
Components in a component-diagram did not respond to Shadowing, e.g.  `skinparam cloudShadowing`, or `skinparam databaseShadowing`.

Fixed in the other issue, see also the comments there.