How to connect a note to a single class with a dashed line?

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asked Sep 16, 2019 in Question / help by das-g (140 points)

I'd like to connect a note to a class. When I connect it with several classes, PlantUML draws dashed lines to them, but when I connect it to just one class, PlantUML draws a speech-bubble-like dent. Is it possible to make PlantUML draw a dashed line, also between a note and a single class? If so, how?

(I think always using dashed lines to connect notes to classes would be more compliant to the UML stnadards, regardless of the number of classes to which the note is being connected.

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answered Sep 18, 2019 by plantuml (294,540 points)

With last beta you can now have :

skinparam style strictuml
class dummy
note top of dummy
  In java, <size:18>every</size> <u>class</u>
  <i>this</i> one.
end note

Is this what you are looking for ?

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Yes, exactly!

For reference of other readers, here's what the resulting image looks like with PlantUML version 1.2019.11beta4:

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Can you allow the image in my comment above?
commented Sep 25, 2019 by das-g (140 points)

It looks like Version 1.2019.11, which includes this change, has been released and is live on the online demo server. yes

Here's the code from above rendered there: