Arrows to Common Node from all sides of Diagram

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asked Nov 7, 2019 in Question / help by Dhananjay Joshi
edited Nov 8, 2019


I have a Large Code Project that I need to review, for that purpose I need to identify Repeatitions of a Code block like "Treatment n" in following example

if (multiprocessor?) then (yes)
	:Treatment 1;
  fork again
	:Treatment 2;
  end fork
else (monoproc)
  :Treatment 1;
  :Treatment 2;

I looked at the documentation but could not find a working example as multiple arrows to a single node. because a single block can be accessed multiple times so arrows will be flying all across the diagram.

Can anyone please provide me an explaination/a modification to above example?



commented Nov 8, 2019 by albert (2,640 points)
Question is a bit unreadable due to the fact the the normal text is shown as code as well, please correct.

Regarding the question iit is a bit unclear what you see / mean, on the plantuml webserver I see:

What do you see? and which version of plantuml are you using?
commented Nov 8, 2019 by Dhananjay Joshi

I use plantuml with VSCode Latest install. I am fairly new to Plantuml.

What I need is to generate an activity diagram where a single Helper Function call node like 

:answer = Call Partition Add(a,b);


partition Add{

:return addition result;


can be used all across diagram so there will be 5 to 10 such calls to partition Add. Hence resulting in 5 to 10 arrows from all corners of diagram. Is it possible to do so with beta version? 

I can now see that old Activity syntax had something like this but I am not sure if its feasible. Also, the beta is more Developer readable. Hence if the solution is in beta, then its acceptable.

forks just define a Leveled separation of flow but cannot satisfy the need of a helper function.



commented Nov 8, 2019 by albert (2,640 points)
Can you add a simple image of what you see (including the code) and also a link to the plantuml webserver ( with the same model?

To get the version used just make an image with just the 'version' command in it.

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