Intermittent usage of \n and \\n

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asked Nov 19, 2019 in Bug by boshka (3,040 points)
edited Nov 27, 2019 by boshka

Could you check why this requires to use "\n" (single backslash for the line feed):


while this requires double backslash for the line feed:


(the only thing that changed is that in the later case i have removed the inner component)

The same issue observed intermittently for different types of components and depending on some other strange things as whether those contain links within the name or not, whether those contain inner elements or not, etc.

The problem is that there is no consistent rule on whether one must use "\n" or "\\n" since plantuml obviously behaves "unpredictably" differently. For instance, the example 1 above fails if you use "\\n": 

while example 2 works ok with "\\n" and vice versa.

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