Apply skinparam to individual group in sequence diagram

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asked Jan 20 in Question / help by itmatt1978
Hi I want to change the border color of only one of my diagrams groups. My current attempt seems to always set a global for all groups:-


group Blue group
    TEST1->TEST2: Test1
group Red group
    skinparam sequenceGroupBorderColor red
    TEST1->TEST2: Application BUG ticket raised for Product Owner to prioritise

How can I do this?

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answered Jan 26 by itmatt1978 (140 points)

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OK - you can customise individual elements via the it's <<.stereotype>> but only certain objects can have this, and I don't believe groups are one of them.

Luckily there is the following syntax to work around this limitation::

group#Blue #LightBlue  Blue
    TEST1->TEST2: Test1
end group
group#Red #violet Red
    TEST1->TEST2: Test2
end group

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